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Andrew Bach

Andrew is a junior Chemistry and Mathematics double major at Alma College in Central Michigan. He is working in the Gudmundsdottir research group with DeAnte’ Judkins on the synthesis and characterization of photodynamic crystals.

Here is how Andrew describes his research this summer:

The Gudmundsdottir research group focuses on photodynamic reactions of azide crystals. Azide crystals release nitrogen gas upon photoradiation. This gas buildup can cause the crystals to jump, bend, or break into pieces. This summer I am working on the photoreaction of a diazidobromojugalone compound, which includes studying the different crystal structures of the compound and their corresponding reactivity as well as identifying the photoproducts and mechanisms of these reactions. This project is important because at its very core, it is a conversion of light into motion and mechanical energy. The applications for this benefit can span from engineering to medical to sustainability.

Listen to why Andrew became interested in chemistry.

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