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Daniel Leong, University of Cambridge

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Daniel Leong is a rising Sophomore at the University of Cambridge. He is studying Natural Sciences and intends to specialize in Chemistry. He grew up in Malaysia but is now living in Cincinnati, OH. This summer, Daniel is conducting research at Dr Yujie Sun’s lab under the

guidance of graduate student Guanqun Han. He is investigating the novel application of two-photon absorption (TPA) in photocatalysts. TPA occurs when two low-energy infrared-red (IR) photons are absorbed to emit an energetic ultraviolet (UV) photon capable of initiating chemical reactions. In comparison to UV light, IR radiation is only weakly absorbed by the solvent, has greater penetration through media, and can be abundantly harvested from the Sun. His work on this topic will help elucidate this physical process and reap benefits from using IR light in photocatalysis. He is responsible for the synthesis of novel photocatalysts with large TPA cross sections, modifying substituents to tune the photocatalyst for specific reactions.

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