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Dejuan Jones

Hello, my name is Dejuan Jones. I am from Chicago, IL, and will be a junior at DePauw University this upcoming fall semester. I am a Biochemistry major, History minor on a pre-med track. When I obtain my undergraduate degree in the year 2024, I plan on attending medical school or partaking in a post-back program before applying to various MD/Ph.D. programs. I am currently working in Dr. Noe Alvarez’s lab for the summer here at University of Cincinnati. The Alvarez lab is interested in synthesis and application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and other metal hybrid nanomaterials, where I and my graduate student mentor, Md Abdul Hoque, have been working on synthesizing vertically aligned building CNTs using bimetallic aluminum-iron oxide nanoparticles or aluminum-cobalt oxide nanoparticles as a catalyst. We are currently focusing on the synthesis of bimetallic aluminum-cobalt oxide nanoparticles synthesis and their assembly, where we use chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique and reaction procedure to fulfill the goal of creating nanotubes. We are using two different element oleates to synthesize bimetallic oxide nanoparticles via thermal decomposition process and separate them using the centrifuge technique The ultimate goal of this experiment is to figure out how can we can form a monolayer film of nanoparticles on a flat surface for the synthesis of vertically aligned CNTs via CVD technique.

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