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Erin Gannon, Ohio University

Erin Gannon is a Rising senior at Ohio University in Athens Ohio, where she is studying Forensic Chemistry. This summer she is working under the guidance of Chethani Ruhunage in the Alvarez lab studying methods and tools of organic materials chemistry, and electrochemistry to understand nanometer-scale phenomena and invent solutions and technologies for neuroscience, monitoring water quality, and energy storage. Her assigned project this summer is based around an engineering concept that will hopefully be able to be used as an electrode array to further understand the dopamine influence in neuroscience. Specifically, she is focusing on utilizing nanofibers, polymer, and the creation of a mold to fabricate multiple electrode arrays at once. The outcome of this engineering project is to manually create multiple electrode arrays to make the detection of dopamine within human bodily fluid samples more efficient and easier to analysis. Dopamine detection in a human blood sample using this manually built electrode array will utilize cyclic voltammetry technique and less sample fluid then the commonly used open ended CNT fiber electrode. The cyclic voltammetry method will detect the dopamine amount in a blood sample allow the study of neurons to be conducted.

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