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Joseph Holbrook

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

2018 REU Student Profile

Josephs is currently working on his chemistry degree at the Eastern Kentucky University. This summer, he joined Professor Sagle's laboratory to learn more about research.

Joseph came from EKU to study with Dr Laura Sagle

Sensitive, selective, and quantitative copper sensor using click-chemistry with gold nano-particles

I'm currently working on a copper sensing project.  This project uses gold nanoparticles fabricated on a glass surface to tell copper concentration by color based on a copper dependent chemical reaction with the nanoparticles.  The importance in detecting the copper is that it has been shown to be linked to cancer metastesis. Detecting appropriate copper levels will prove vital in altering drugs made for reducing copper concentrations in cancer patients, and allow for detection of possible metastesis.

- Joseph Holbrook

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