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Jude Selo-Ojeme, Texas Tech University

My name is Jude Selo-Ojeme, I am currently in my senior year at Texas Tech University, and I am pursing a degree in Chemical Engineering. Outside of academics, I like anything sports related, so basketball, football, baseball, etc. I also go to the gym a lot as a way to distress from things, along with walks/runs. I would consider myself to be a very outgoing and energic person who is very easy to get along with.

For my research I am working in Dr. James Mack Laboratory alongside with Rohesh Silva. I am getting an understanding of the energetics and thermodynamics of the mechanochemical reactions with multicomponent reactions. An example of this would be with Kindler reactions. By mixing all your reactants into a small tube and speeding the reaction by increasing heat and spinning for 2 hours, you get your crude sample. Afterwards you get a solvent extraction by using H2O and dichloromethane (DCM/ CH2Cl2). After a couple shakes you let the liquid solution sit and separate, and you will have your liquidated crude. You will soon spin this in a heated water bath but first you need to add silica which is used to solidify the liquid solution while it is being spun. Finally, after the solution has been spun until all liquid is removed, you add this solution to a column and receive your readings.

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