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Kendall Powell

Kendall is a rising senior at Louisiana State University of Alexandria in Alexandria, Louisiana. She is on track to complete her bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a minor in both mathematics and business. After graduating in Spring of 2023, she plans to join a graduate program to earn her PhD in chemistry and use the degree to work in industry. This summer, Kendall is conducting research in Dr. Jianbing “Jimmy” Jiang’s group under the guidance of graduate student, Jack McGrath. For the program, her research interest will be the synthesis and evaluation of organic redox-active materials for redox flow batteries. Redox flow batteries (RFB) are large-scale stationary energy storage machines that are highly popular due to their safety and cost efficiency benefits. The redox-active, organic materials that Kendall will help synthesize varies in redox property and solubility in both aqueous and organic systems. After synthesizing the compounds, electrochemical evaluation of the substance will be done to assess the relationship between structure and performance of the compound in a redox flow battery. The hope for this ongoing research is that the RFBs will aid in efficient energy storage and help alleviate harmful environmental factors of established energy storage solutions.

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