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Naimah El-Amin

Updated: May 15

My name is Naimah El-Amin. I’m finishing my Associates of Science degree at Cincinnati State this summer, and I’ll be attending University of Cincinnati this fall. This summer I am excited to work in Dr. Ross’s FSCV lab under my mentor Moriah Weese-Myers. Initially, we will study the interactions of estradiol(estrogen/E2)on different carbon-based fiber surfaces via FSCV. To pursue this study, a flow injection cell is used on the different fiber electrodes while injecting E2.The process is monitored and ran through FSCV (Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry) which allows us to gain further information on the properties of estradiol, specifically peak potentials when dealing with adsorption or diffusion- what we are measuring. Furthermore, we will investigate scan rate and the role frequency independence has when considering E2’s interaction on these carbon fibers. We hypothesize as the surface of the fiber changes from rough to smooth, less oxidation groups are present making adsorption factors more present. Here, we use FSCV to further study these mechanisms. By advancing the understanding of E2’s interaction at different carbon-based surfaces, we can pave the way for the development of new nanotechnology sensors that are able to better detect estradiol in soft tissues such as the brain. Having the opportunity to work in a professional research environment has offered me priceless experience and skills that I am very grateful for. I am excited to see my progress with my research and gain knowledge as both will help contribute to my future.

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