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Shania Smith

Shania is a sophomore biology student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College with aspirations to go into dermatology. This summer she is working with Spencer Hendrickson in the White Research group working on developing new electrochemical methods of detection.

She describes her research as follows:

In Dr. Ryan J. White’s lab, we are developing electrochemical aptamer-based sensors combined with nanoporous gold leaf electrodes to detect targets - such as ATP, insulin, tropomyosin, and other small biomolecules - in complex media including blood and serum. The ultimate goal is to improve the stability and signal response of E-AB sensors (nanoporous gold) in order to decrease inevitable biofouling of biosensors in complex media. To do this, we are taking advantage of porous structures, leading to increased stability and signal change of sensors.

In this video she explains why

she become a chemist

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