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William Franklin

Updated: May 16

My name is William Franklin. I am studying Chemistry at Lander University. This summer I am excited to work in Dr. Noe Alvarez’s Electrochemistry and Materials Science lab under Bishow Regmi. My project is focused on nanoparticle synthesis that will then be used to develop a monolayer. Atomic Force Microscopy will be used to analyze the nanoparticles synthesized and monolayers formed. This monolayer will be a free-standing film that can be placed on a silicon substrate; this film will ultimately be used to grow carbon nanotubes. A technique involving oil-water interfaces will be implemented to form the free-standing monolayer. The opportunity to work in a graduate chemistry research lab has offered skills and knowledge that go beyond what are available in a classroom, and I am excited to see all that I can learn this summer.

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