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Zion Graham

Hello, my name is Zion Graham and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I recently graduated from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College with my Associates of Science Pre-Pharmacy and plan to further my education at UC and get into their pharmacy program and soon obtain my bachelors degree. I always had an interest in becoming a pharmacist and I enjoy the chemistry work that comes with it. This summer I am working in Prof. George Stan’s lab along with his grad students. This is a Computation Chemistry lab that works with the Ubuntu Linux operating system. The research that is being conducted involves the study of the ClpB Disaggregation Biological Nanomachine. ClpB is an ATP-dependent molecular chaperone that belongs to the Hsp100 family of ATPases. We are using computer simulations to probe the conformational dynamics of ClpB. We will be using the GROMACS software program-to perform coarse-grained simulations using the Smog2 model to investigate the molecular dynamics of ClpB. These techniques along with data analysis allow for distances at a molecular level to be measured.

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